Possible Xbox games to appear at The Game Awards 2021, according to insider

There is one week left for The Game Awards 2021, with the event starting December 9th at 22:00 Brazilian time. They promise that within this event, players will have more than 20 new announcements, plus there will be information about many expected games. There are rumors that these games will include Xbox projects.

The well known game insider Jeff Grubb, as part of the podcast, said he knew about Xbox’s plans for The Game Awards. He noted that Microsoft can show Hellblade 2 e Avowed as part of the event. Rumors of the appearance of Hellblade 2 were previously confirmed by other insiders. Another game that seemed to be dead but could come back is The Last Night.

Note that this year Microsoft did not show the Avowed game, but there was a lot of information about it from another famous gaming expert – Jez Corden. It looks like the game is in an active stage of development, and this should have been demonstrated at E3 2021, which Jeff Grubb also talked about in the podcast. He stated that “there was some misunderstanding between Obsidian and Microsoft during this year’s E3 when Xbox told them to show Outer Worlds 2 and later Xbox said why aren’t we showing Avowed?”

Also in the middle of the year Obsidian said that we would soon have news about Avowed, so so far nothing. Looks like everything looks good and they really want to show this game. Whether all this is confirmed or not, we have to wait until next week.