Problems never end, rollback after emergency maintenance

Actually, Amazon Game Studios wanted to finally eliminate some problems in online role-playing games with the latest update – only to ultimately cause new problems. In the end, the development team was even forced to roll back.

But first things first: With the recently released update, the developers had announced some compensation payments in the form of gold thalers for many players. These were also found in the inventories yesterday, but were sometimes far too high. In particularly extreme cases, there was talk of up to 400,000 thalers. That was logically a mistake and had serious consequences after a short time: The richly gifted players used their new wealth to empty trading posts or to level Twink characters particularly quickly. Therefore, the developers had to step on the brakes.

First, Amazon Game Studios had shut down the European servers – only these were affected – for emergency maintenance to get to the bottom of the problem. After several hours, the work was completed and the servers were available again. The affected characters were rolled back so that they were set to the status before the compensation payment. However, everything still doesn’t seem to be settled: Some players report in the official forum that they continue to wait in vain for the correct amount to be paid out after the emergency maintenance.

New World (ab 39,99€ at pre-order) was released for PC on September 28th.

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