Project Belfry: Is the Xbox exclusive game being developed by Stoic Studio of The Banner Saga?

Project Belfry, the supposed new Xbox exclusive game from Microsoft that has emerged these days, seems to be even more defined with the identity of the development team responsible for the game, which some sources say is Stoic Studio, the team of The Banner Saga.

Confirming the matter, after the first details of the mysterious exclusive Project Belfry that surfaced yesterday appeared, are Jez Corden, Jeff Grubb and insider Klobrille, who basically agree in all aspects that have emerged so far.

Obviously, we still can’t talk for sure about anything and we’re always in the field of rumours, but together, the sources in question can be trustworthy.

What’s new, given the first details that have emerged in the last few hours, is the fact that the development team responsible for the game must be Stoic Studio, a team that immediately made itself known in a very positive way through the Saga Banner, the series of previously released strategies with a Nordic theme for PC and consoles in three chapters.

This would be a clear gameplay change for the team, as it would move from strategy with management elements to action, since Project Belfry is described like a 2d action game, considered somewhat similar to VanillaWare titles like Dragon’s Crown. However, the graphic style and art direction demonstrated in The Banner Saga may suggest a certain skill of the team even in this area.

According to reports from Klobrille, there is no information on the state of development, but this should already be advanced considering that Stoic has released The Banner Saga 3 now not “distant” 2018 and may have started this project soon after. It seems that the name derives from the presence of bell towers in the game, or something similar, which act as bases for the protagonists.