Project Shaolin: A third-person Xbox action game with music by the Wu-Tang Clan?

Among the rumors that are currently circulating about the new Xbox Series X|S exclusive games, the mysterious Project Shaolin also recently appeared, keep in mind that it’s a project that is still code-named and hasn’t been officially announced, but according to some it would be a third person action game with Wu-Tang Clan soundtrack.

An in-depth study of the mysterious game in question came from Jez Corden, a Windows Central journalist and very popular insider, who has always been considered a fellow very close to the Microsoft environment, so much so that he can be trusted with regard to the relative rumors. to Xbox.

According to Corden, this mysterious Project Shaolin, which emerged among the unannounced projects underway at Xbox Game Studios as an outside collaboration, would be developed by Brass Lion Entertainment, a newly formed team from London and would be a third person action with fantasy or fanciful scenery in a general sense, we’re not quite sure what that might be.

According to Corden’s reports, the game would be “inspired by anime”, with one very long single player campaign, but also the presence of a 4-player cooperative multiplayery, all focused on combat melee, probably with martial arts, given the code name used for the project.

There also seems to be a loot system and the presence of dungeons, therefore elements that refer in some way to the RPG, even if obviously as a hybrid, but the element that most calls attention in this set of details is the fact that its soundtrack must consist of nothing less than Wu-Tang Clan.

Jeff Grubb also seems to agree with the last element, at least according to a bizarre conversation between the two on Twitter. However, the reference could also be based simply on Once Upon A Time in Shaolin, the 2015 album by the historic New York hip hop group.

Project Shaolin would be one of the unannounced projects, along with “Belfry,” in development for the Xbox Series X|S, according to Corden.

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