Psychonauts was born from a trip under hallucinogens of the protagonist of Full Throttle

The Psychonauts had a rather bizarre origin, from a kind of hallucinogenic dream that the protagonist of Full Throttle had to perform by consuming peyote in the desert, but later eliminated, with the idea that remained in Tim Schafer’s mind until the creation of the specific platform adventure.

This is the Psychonauts story that appeared in the new issue 228 of Retro Gamer magazine, as reported by GamesRadar: Tim Schafer had thought of inserting, within the Full Throttle graphic adventure, a section in which the protagonist, the biker Ben, had to perform a kind of weird interactive, hallucinating dream, consuming peyote in the desert. In the dream, Ben visited strange places and actually entered some aspects of his own psyche, projected as hallucinations.

However, the idea ended up not associating well with the tone and atmosphere of Full Throttle, so it was scrapped in development. It was 1995 and the game in question was one of the last glorious graphic adventures of the golden age of this genre, but the idea of ​​the dream mixed with hallucinations and psychological insights remained in Schafer’s mind, until he found another realization.

The use of the mind and imagination as a setting for a game then found full expression in Psychonauts, em 2005, which appears to have been, in fact, the culmination of a long study carried out by Schafer and his colleagues. The idea of ​​investigating dreams, visions and the characteristics of the mind and imagination came from college to the author of the series, who had studied the psychological connotations of emotional states and how these can be translated into images.

As reported by Schafer: “I was proposing this idea around and someone pointed it out to me. How do you feel about being able to enter the minds of others? I thought I was just visiting the protagonist’s mind, but wait a minute.. . in fact, it would be even better!” And so the first chapter was born in 2005, with the concept that then found greater expression in Psychonauts 2, expanding its characteristics.