Publisher Ubisoft confirms cyber attack on Rhythm Game’s servers

According to the latest information from Ubisoft, a new attack on the publisher’s IT infrastructure occurred a few days ago. The focus was on the servers of the popular dance game Just Dance. The cyber attack was triggered by a misconfiguration, as those responsible announced in a statement. Ubisoft was able to fix the error quickly, but the attackers were still able to access or copy personal data of the players. However, it is said that these were only “technical identifiers”.

This includes user names of the players, profile IDs, device IDs and recorded videos that have been shared with the community in the game or on social media platforms. During the investigation, Ubisoft did not come across any evidence that would also prove the theft of account information. In the next few days, all users affected by this attack will receive an email with further information. For their own security, players should not only change their Ubisoft passwords, but also activate two-step authentication for their account.

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