Ratchet & Clank: Was Rift Apart early declared GOTY at the Game Awards? Geoff Keighley denies

There are several portals that create awards for games, including choosing the best game of the year or decade, and among the most popular is the The Game Awards presented by Geoff Keighley. However, this year he came up with a serious controversy that could favor Sony and its Playstation.

It turns out that, in a way anticipated, The Game Awards website ended up declarar Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart como GOTY, in other words, the best game of the year 2021. Of course, the news was received with strangeness and even humor by some as it would be a very controversial award and with so much anticipation it could indicate that the winner was already chosen before its time .

The controversy, of course, took over social networks and so Geoff spoke up on Twitter:

User: So if Ratchet and Clank win is still not right? Or it is inaccurate if Ratchet loses. @geofkeighley in a big picture, you have millions of people who will be watching and who have nothing to do with Twitter, but for many of us your choice process has become a mess!

Geoff responde:

This is not true/accurate, I’m not sure if the image has been tampered with or not. The site is not aware of the jury vote anyway, so there is no way it would know the “winner”.

Thus, according to Geoff, it would be impossible for the site to declare the winner since the jury’s scores are not computed there. Well, at least that’s the argument. We will see on December 9th how this story will end.

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