Redfall: Campaign would last 18 hours, vampire animals and more, according to new rumors

Arkane is being a highly praised studio, even more so after the successful Deathloop. However, your next adventure is in the hands of Xbox now, and there have been some rumors on the internet about what we can expect from this title.

According to rumors, the game would have been pushed back to October, a month after its “winter” release window (season ends in September. Well, that’s a date that might make sense, given that Deathloop should coming to Xbox on September 14, 2022.

Another interesting information is that the campaign would have 18 hours of gameplay and the presence of “vampire animals” in the scenario, so the mutations probably also spread to the local fauna.

All of this information comes from a Twitter account that (apparently) follows events related to Arkane:

The other information refers to the presence of a fifth playable character not yet announced and not present in the first presentation of Redfall, which featured four characters, and the fact that James Masters (Buffy’s Spike) is the voice of the main enemy of the game. .

However, all are unconfirmed rumors. Take this with caution. The account that originated the rumor still needs to prove it has credibility. So don’t take this as an absolute truth. We should have more official details about Redfall only in the middle of the year, so let’s be patient.