Release of Star Citizen’s single player campaign is still several years away

Temeter wrote: ?13.01.2022 15:04

Maybe I’d be nervous if I had invested hundreds of bucks in the game… but the people doing this are probably already playing the alpha anyway, and have something halfway tangible?

I’m one of those who have invested hundreds and I’m ultra chill.
I’ve had hundreds of hours of fun with SC, now I have.
when I remember the many 60? games that I put away after 3-4 hours, the money at SC is really well invested in terms of price-performance for me personally.
Besides, what do I care about a few hundred euros seen over the years?
people sometimes give 100 on one evening in the club? or more, wake up the next morning and don’t know half of it anymore.
So please no one should come and tell me about spending money sensibly or nonsensically.
It’s all your own responsibility and nobody has to make a moral judgment about what is “ok” and what is not.
for one is a 100 000? Sports cars “worth every euro”, for someone else that’s crazy.