Revenge? Sony PlayStation fans call for the acquisition of Konami loudly on social media

Sony’s takeover request for Konami resurfaced on social media after today’s news, as was to be expected, and PlayStation fans are hoping for some sign from the Japanese house as a sort of revenge on Microsoft’s purchase.

There is no doubt that the announcement of the entry of Activision Blizzard na Xbox Game Studios deeply shook the entire gaming industry, but it is above all PS5 and PS4 owners who see only negative aspects in this operation.

Call of Duty: Vanguard, the best-selling game of 2021 in the US, may indeed be one of the last installments in the series to also make its way to PlayStation, while historic mascots like Crash and Spyro are now owned by Microsoft.

It is precisely for this reason that Sony fans expect a reaction from the company, which in recent months has made some interesting purchases, but certainly not comparable to today’s announcement, which after all is worth the beauty of 70 billion dollars. Not to mention buying Bethesda that was finished is not even a year old!

The acquisition of Konami would, in fact, have many positive implications, given the vast amount of valuable intellectual property that the company owns but does not seem to want to exploit properly.

The excellent relations between Sony and Hideo Kojima would also allow Metal Gear Solid’s father to return to work on the series and possibly Silent Hill. In short, fans are wanting Sony to move.