Rumor: Halo Infinite Multiplayer to be released as early as next week

There are likely rumors – and less likely rumors – and while this might fall into the latter category, we couldn’t help but be excited about it! According to some sources, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode could be released for free next week.

So where is this coming from? It was triggered by some tweets, first from HaloDotAPI, which suggested that Halo Infinite multiplayer is on its way to the next monday, november 15th, saying he knows “too much” about it:

Also, Halo’s dataminer Surasia caused something to happen in relation to Halo Infinite on November 15th:

While there’s not much to go on here, it’s interesting that we have two distinct sources, suggesting the same thing, and it would certainly make sense to have something of this level related to Halo on the 20th anniversary.

That said, Xbox has already tried to calm expectations for next Monday’s ‘Xbox Anniversary Celebration’ show (despite rumors about saying “definitely” for us to watch), so it’s really hard to gauge the likelihood of that happening now.

In any case, we hope it’s true! It would be an amazing way to celebrate 20 years…

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