Rumor: Xbox will release cheaper expansion card for 500GB X|S Series

We have some potentially great news for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S owners to share, as an Xbox Squad rumor in France suggests that a expansion card new generation of 500GB cheaper may be on the way.

A document was sent to the site suggesting that the card will cost between 149 and 169 euros, which would represent about half the cost of the current 1TB version. Windows Central has also reported this finding, but says it has not been able to independently verify “whether this card actually exists or not”.

That’s all we know so far, and neither Microsoft nor Seagate have commented on the allegations. This may turn out to be an ill-informed retailer sharing a fake list, but the idea of ​​a 500GB expansion card certainly makes a lot of sense.

From the original rumor, it has been suggested that the 500GB expansion card will be released in November 14, 2021.We will keep you informed if and when we receive an official response/announcement about this.

Would you be interested in a 500GB expansion card for Xbox Series X|S? Let us know below.