Rumored to be working on stand-alone VR headset “Deckard”

Koboldx wrote:?Yesterday 7:51 pmStand Alone VR is the last mess!

I disagree: “Dog leash VR” are the last shit! And now?
A little more constructive: The Quest things sell the most of all VR headsets. Most developers say that Quest sales of their games sell the most. Most potential customers simply don’t want to be hanging on the wire while playing VR games. And even fewer have the money for a gaming PC (graphics card scalper!) AND an expensive VR headset at the same time, a standalone solution is correspondingly lucrative.

Then there will be more trashy mobile VR games in the future, even good PC VR games at that time such as Onward were severely trimmed for the cheap Quest2 hardware, although the game had no Crysis graphics before, Onward looks like the last snot after the patch was there the game was really popular before buying Grimace Book.

“Trashy mobile phone VR games” because of graphics, all right … I would like a source that Onward was graphically cropped during a patch on the PC.
Regarding the departure from PC VR: It is really not the case that no attempt was made to score points with top products. Outside of the Oculus cosmos, nobody knows Lone Echo, Stormland or Asgard’s Wrath, although all of the games mentioned are great and especially Asgard’s Wrath mMn. even Half Life Alyx beats. But doesn’t know a pig. Facebook actually put money from investors into PC VR for years, which has hardly paid off to this day – no wonder that Mark Zuckerberg and donors will at some point lose the desire and will to continue pumping money into it.

If this is the future then I hope that VR will never become mainstream, cheap mobile phone VR games are a slap in the face for people who still have something like claims and do not buy every garbage that goes into the corner like a 5 year old child lands and eventually gets dusty.

Quest users …