Rumors about the start of mass production surfaced on the Internet

In the near future, Sony will launch an official successor to PlayStation VR for PS5. When the VR headset was confirmed around a year ago, those responsible were already showing the design of the controller, among other things. Now there are new rumors that the mass production of PlayStation VR 2 (project name) will start shortly. This means that the unveiling of the VR glasses could also be pending soon.

The alleged information was published on Twitter in the vicinity of the CES. According to this, the Chinese manufacturer Goertek should start producing PlayStation VR 2 soon. At the same time, the mixed reality headsets from Meta and Apple are apparently on order from Goertek.

There have been rumors about the features of PSVR 2 in the past. Accordingly, the VR headset should be equipped with OLED screens and a resolution of 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye. The Field-of-View (FOV) has also apparently been increased to 110 degrees and would thus be 20 degrees above its predecessor. Should PSVR 2 actually go into mass production, a release in 2022 is quite likely. This would coincide with the rumors that surfaced in the middle of last year speculating about the release period.