Ryse fans are showing their support for a sequel once again

It may already be eight years old, but the exclusive Rice: Son of Rome Crytek’s Xbox console is back in the news once again, with fans showing their support for the game on social media and asking for a sequel. Does it really deserve it? At least a large part of the public believes so.

The reason it’s being talked about is because some eager viewers thought they saw a taunt for Ryse in the latest Xbox “Future of Games” trailer, but to be honest, we think they’re probably dreaming a little bit.

Regardless of whether it was a tease or not, it brought the topic Ryse back to the forefront. There has been a lot of discussion in the Xbox community, with many fans highlighting how they would love to see a sequel sometime:

It’s been suggested for a long time that Ryse might eventually get a sequel, and about a year ago, leaked Crytek documents suggested that a project called “Ryse Next” was actually underway at some point.

Then, in April, Xbox Era Shpeshal Ed podcaster also mentioned that a new Ryse was supposedly in development and it looked like it would be a cross-platform game. Then you never know … that photo above could be a provocation!

In our opinion, it would be great to see a sequel to the Xbox One launch title, or at least an Xbox Series X|S optimization for it.

Do you want to see a Ryse 2? Give us your opinion in the comments below.