Sales of the online role-playing game have resumed

After the launch of Final Fantasy 14’s Endwalker expansion, the servers of the online role-playing game have reached their limits. Long waiting times were the consequence for all those who wanted to try out the new content. In order to ease the situation, Square Enix even had to stop selling Final Fantasy 14 for the time being. Now the team has made some improvements to the servers and announced that both the Starter Edition and the Complete Edition can now be purchased again. However, new registrations for the test version remain deactivated.

In addition, those responsible have revealed new details about the server expansion, which will affect all regions of Final Fantasy 14. In Europe, the first phase will be launched in July 2022. Then four new worlds are to be added to the game to create more capacity. The next phase will follow in the summer of 2023 with eight additional worlds for the online role-playing game. Producer Naoki Yoshida also promises news he plans to reveal at the end of February.

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