Samsung starts delivering free Xbox Live credits through their smartphones

Microsoft and Samsung are partners not only in TVs, but in so many other areas such as PCs and smartphones as the Korean often uses Redmond’s suite of applications on its devices. Well, it turns out, we have good news for anyone who has purchased a Galaxy and owns an Xbox.

Many users are noticing that the South Korean is giving away free 15 reais in Xbox Live credits for its customers who own Galaxy smartphones through the “Samsung Members” app that can be found on Google Play, but which is also pre-installed on many devices.

You can see the offer in the image below:

We’re not sure what the details of this offer are yet, but if you have this app, go out there and grab your $15.00 gift card and head to the Xbox store to buy your next game or service. Take advantage that this type of promotion doesn’t tend to last forever and is scheduled to end on the day October 31, 2021.

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