Sandbox-MMO startet am 18. November in den Early Access

As the developer studio Angela Game announced, the MMO sandbox Myth of Empires will be released on November 18th as an early access version on Steam. The players can expect a realistic as well as merciless setting: In ancient Asia as a setting, you have to subjugate the world either by forging alliances or by using force. The players can switch between PvE and PvP servers, the so-called “counties”, at any time, which in turn are connected to a main server that aggregates the various information and processes it accordingly. It should even be possible to wage global wars or enter into alliances with players worldwide.

Since Myth of Empires refers to real, historical circumstances, there are no fantasy elements or magic for the characters. Instead, the title builds on an immersive sandbox with extensive craft and building systems as well as extensive character progression. Below you will find the key features published by the development team that are available in the Early Access version. Further information is available on the Steam product page.

  • Defy a relentless world full of bandits, wild animals and hostile players. Satisfy your hunger with what you hunted and collect resources in the world to expand your fortress.
  • New environments: snow-capped mountain landscapes, deserts, swamps, caves and a completely new weather system.
  • Defend yourself against your enemies in intense, tactical battles. Control the direction of your blows to increase their force and thus the damage.
  • Craft dozens of different types of weapons and armor at various levels to help you in battle. Forge swords, spears, halberds, axes, throwing weapons, crossbows, bows, shields and more!
  • New fauna: elephants, rhinos, crocodiles, butterflies, fish and more.
  • Construct your own customized buildings and siege weapons such as ballistae, catapults, trebuchets and siege ladders to tear down opposing fortresses.
  • Recruit NPCs either peacefully or by force and let them collect resources, craft items, hunt or fight by your side. Tame horses to ride into battle or breed them with attributes to suit your needs.
  • PvE and PvP servers are available in Asia, North America and Europe.
  • A guild system allows players to form factions with their friends. Work together to repel enemy attacks, conquer the server, and rule over anything and everyone!
  • New gameplay and content: Siege battles on district, province and fortress level as well as an improved voice chat, a new trading system and the dubbing of characters.

In order to get in the mood for the release of Myth of Legends in Early Access, Angela Games has released a new trailer that deals with the handsome scenery (including the use of ray tracing and DLSS) and the beginning of a siege.