Scalebound: for Hideki Kamiya it was a difficult project in 2014, but possible today

Scalebound ressurgiu, at least as a topic of discussion, in recent days, when Hideki Kamiya publicly apologized to Microsoft and users for the wreckage of the project, which was supposed to be an Xbox One exclusive game, but was canceled after years of development not very productive though, but it hasn’t been overlooked.

Recently, therefore, it is evident that Scalebound is back in Hideki Kamiya’s thoughts, who somehow continues to think about it as he had appeared on other occasions. Precisely in light of the recent words of the game director at Platinum Games, after the public apology for the cancellation of Scalebound and a rare admission of guilt by the developer, user Developer One responded to Kamiya on Twitter inviting him to reflect.

The message is in Japanese, therefore subject to mistranslation, but more or less argues that “Scalebound was a great concept. It wasn’t possible in 2014, but it would be possible now“, later reporting that however, focusing on NieR was an ‘excellent choice at the time’ and adding that “multidimensional games will be exciting, with a mix of streaming and more”, or something like that.

Kamiya didn’t say much about it, just said “That’s right”, substantially confirming the user’s view on Twitter. It’s too little to start a discussion, but it seems clear that the designer still considers Scalebound a great concept for a game, which could not have been fully realized in 2014, but which could be resumed and implemented now, also thanks to new technologies available.

It seems that Platinum Games wants a second chance to make the game, and in your interviews you suggested that Microsoft think about the case again.

This obviously doesn’t mean that Scalebound is set to get back on track, but it seems pretty clear that Kamiya continues to think about his canceled project in partnership with Microsoft. What do you think Xbox should do?