Sci-Fi adventure with immersive VR locomotion in the launch trailer

VR enthusiasts with a PC will have to wait until next Tuesday, October 12th: Then Ready At Dawn’s sequel to the VR adventure Lone Echo will be released for Oculus Rift (for testing). The launch trailer for Lone Echo 2, however, has already been published today.

The successor also lets the player float through a plastic space station and open space, while hopefully a similarly thrilling story can be experienced as in the predecessor. In any case, Part 1 is still one of the highlights of the medium for many. Ben summed up in July 2017:

“Lone Echo is an important milestone for virtual reality! On the one hand, it applies to the story told without pathos and with a sensitivity for emotional ties, but above all to the excellent way in which one interacts with the environment. On the one hand, there is the “real” touch of all objects and surfaces, which dispenses with prefabricated animations and fixed grip positions – words cannot describe how three-dimensional the virtual backdrop looks due to this supposed little thing through space station and open space, which gives a stunning feeling of weightlessness. “

Known mechanics from the predecessor should return in a playful way, while one goes back to the rings of Saturn. There are all kinds of high-tech challenges to be mastered and puzzles of the distant future to be solved – according to Facebook (which the developer studio Ready at Dawn has since bought up).

The Oculus Rift title can only be played on the PC – with one of Facebook’s headsets: These include the original Rift, the Rift S – or the Quest 1 or 2 connected to the PC via USB cable (also via wireless connection with a fast router possible).