Scorn postponed to 2022, fans criticize developer’s ‘hostile’ comment

Due to the lack of new information and the proximity of the end of the year, it would be possible to imagine that Scorn would be delayed, and now developer Ebb Software has confirmed that the horror game will be released in 2022. So don’t wait for Christmas.

In a statement to fans on Kickstarter, the studio described what it has been working on since the October 2020 trailer. “not big revelation to do”, the team summarized that they were simply working on the game’s development during that time frame. shooting at Cyberpunk 2077, the post said that “maybe if they hadn’t pressured their developers to create marketing content, they could have devoted more time to fixing the game.”

Moving on to discuss Scorn’s hype, the team explained why it generated interest in the game before its release and how it targets potential investors. However, they added that “the time it took to launch [foi] very bad on the side [deles]”.

“It’s a strange thing, if some didn’t know of the game’s existence, they would enjoy the 6 months of marketing and then the game, but now the very knowledge of its existence seems unbearable to them. Even if it turns out to be a great game, they just won’t be able to enjoy it because, my God, they’ve known about it a long time ago. Some people simply lose their enthusiasm. If we released it in time and it sucked, they would forget about it in a day. “

Other factors such as the term “development hell” and Microsoft’s support were also discussed, but Ebb Software ended the statement with a brief and somewhat aggressive message in the opinion of some fans:

“And finally, a piece of advice: if the lack of communication bothers you so much, ask for a refund and you’re done. It’s just a game. You can play when it’s released, if you’re still interested.”

The reaction to the post was largely negative., with many asking for reimbursement. One commented saying, “You guys have gotten really cocky since last year,” while another posted: “The tone of his post is absolutely awful. We understand that you’re frustrated, and that’s a good thing when working on a game like this. But you have no right to attack the people who supported you in this effort in the first place.”

Of course, not everyone feels that way, but we can’t help but think there are better ways to keep your community of supporters informed about your upcoming game.

The CEO of Ebb Software, Ljubomir Peklar, appeared on Kickstarter and apologized for the “hostile tone” of the original post. Peklar added that “this shouldn’t be how we should express ideas or plans to the people who help us” and that the team “may be tired, confused and frustrated with our own ineptitude, but there’s no reason to attack you” .

“My name is Ljubomir Peklar, I’m the CEO of Ebb Software and also the game’s creative director. I take full responsibility for the last update you received from our KS yesterday. I quickly and randomly read the update draft and in all my wisdom approved.

Reading again, fit was clear that the hostile tone in what was written should not be how we should express ideas or plans to the people who help us. We may be tired, confused, and frustrated with our own ineptitude, but there’s no reason to attack you. For that, I apologize personally. I’ll do my best so that this kind of explosion doesn’t happen again. “

Are you in the mood to try Scorn when it comes out? What did you think of this controversy? Let us know in the comments below.