Scorn: teaser trailer reveals release month

Ebb Software has posted a disturbing new teaser trailer for Twitter on Twitter. Scorn, to reveal the month of the game’s release: October 2022. Unfortunately, as you can read, it’s a lot further away than we might initially assume, also considering that there was talk of a 2021 release earlier.

The scene itself doesn’t show anything from the game. It’s a brief overview of a disturbing setting with a Giger twist, which closes with the game’s logo under which the month of release is revealed. The message that accompanies the video is equally succinct: “The nightmare begins in October 2022”.

In comments to the teaser, Ebb Software, Scorn’s development studio, also responded to a user asking for details about the story. According to when written, it will be: ” Mysterious, with dark taste and dripping with atmosphere (emphasis on dripping) 😅 “

For the rest, remember that Scorn is a first-person adventure with shooter elements, in development for years for PC and Xbox Series X and S. It will be released directly on Xbox Game Pass. Who knows if this time the developers will be able to put it in our hands.