Seemingly worked on a Harry Potter MMO in the early 2000s

Apparently an online role-playing game in the Harry Potter universe was in the works under the banner of the publisher Electronic Arts. At least that’s what Kimberly Salzer claims, who was once EA’s Director of Product Marketing.

In an interview with colleagues from Original Gamer Life, she talked about a project she used to work on, but which never made it onto the market. According to you, it was a Harry Potter MMO that had both offline and online components. There was even a beta version of the game and the team was very confident. However, the executives had a different opinion and ultimately decided to discontinue the project.

“Electronic Arts had gone through some changes at the time. They didn’t know or believed enough that this IP would last for more than a year or two.”

During the interview, Salzer did not reveal exactly when all of this should have happened. A closer look at her LinkedIn profile reveals that she worked at Electronic Arts between 2000 and 2003. This falls in the period in which the first two films about Harry Potter came into the cinemas and in which the game produced by EA for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was also released.