Server mod “Northstar” developed by fans could protect the shooter from hackers

After Titanfall was removed from all digital stores by developer Respawn Entertainment (we reported), fans speculate that the studio’s decision was linked to the numerous DDoS attacks on the game servers. The successor to the shooter, Titanfall 2 (from 6,73 at buy), struggles with the same problems. This has not yet been put on hold by the developer studio.

And maybe that won’t happen for Titanfall 2 either, as fans have developed a mod that could be the solution to the ongoing online problems in the game. As Gamerant reports, the mod called “Northstar” was released last December and allows players to set up and host their own servers in Titanfall 2. Custom servers are exactly what Titanfall 2’s hardcore community needs and could be the key to breathing new life into the multiplayer shooter. In the years since it was published, hackers have repeatedly exploited vulnerabilities in the shooter’s server architecture. Respawn Entertainment has assured that none of the server attacks resulted in any personal data breaches or the like, but the official multiplayer servers have been rendered unusable several times in recent years.

While servers are theoretically still open to attack with the mod’s new system, the process is both slightly more difficult and less likely to cause widespread problems. The community account “SaveTitanfall” summarized this again on Twitter: “I’ve seen a few people ask if this ‘fixes attacks’? And the short answer is yes. If an attacker wants to crash your server, they’ll have to crack the server’s IP address. that are not on the main server cannot be discovered and crashed. “