Shadowrun may return to Xbox with a new game, says Jeff Grubb

Shadowrun could make its return to Xbox with a new game, according to some rumors reported by the journalist Jeff Grubb, which, however, couldn’t confirm it.

A few years ago the authors of Shadowrun Returns rebooted BattleTech, so it’s not clear what the dynamics behind a possible new project are, but the rumors are referring precisely to this return.

“I heard that maybe Shadowrun will come back, although I can’t confirm it because now it’s just rumors,” Grubb said in the latest issue of GamesBeat Decides. “Until now, hhears a problem with the rights of the series.”

Jeff Grubb probably refers to the fact that only in 2017 Microsoft managed to register the Shadowrun brand, after having regained the franchise rights.

In any case, these are hypothetically compatible schedules for the development of a game that today could already be in an advanced stage of development. We’ll see.