Sheltered 2: The end-time struggle for survival has begun

On September 21, 2021 Unicube and Team17 released the post-apocalyptic survival management simulation Sheltered 2 for PC. Via GOG and Steam, where the previous user reviews are “balanced”, a launch discount of ten percent is granted on the regular retail price of the Sheltered successor (17.99 euros instead of 19.99 euros). The game description says: “The world as we knew it ended two years ago. The last remainder of humanity has split up into factions. Will you unite or conquer it?

Sheltered 2 builds on the original fan favorite from 2015 and offers new challenges and deep strategic gameplay. Your job is to create a leader and build a faction while managing the resources and dealing with both natural and human threats. Hunger, thirst, radiation and opponents – death lurks around every corner.

Sheltered 2’s new faction system is key to a base’s success. Send expeditions to explore the vast wasteland and build relationships (or rivalries). Trade resources to thrive together, or use the advanced combat system to take on your rivals and expand your dominance over the wasteland. Are you going to ally yourself with the other factions or suppress them? “

The following features are mentioned:

  • Factions: The new faction system of Sheltered 2 allows you to build relationships with other groups, through which you receive resources and support for your base. But you can also take up arms and do things the old way.
  • Resource Management: Find a balance between the things your survivors need and want, manage the scarce resources, manufacture everything you need and maintain the equipment of the shelter to ensure the survival of the group.
  • Permadeath: In Sheltered 2, your leader is the most important person in the shelter. If he or she dies, it’s game over. Hunger, lack of oxygen, temperature extremes and fighting are just some of the challenges you will face in the Sheltered 2 Wasteland. And without the option to respawn, any decision could be fatal.
  • Combat & Weapons: If the negotiations fail, you can fall back on many different makeshift weapons to deal with your opponents. Fight turn-based battles to get the vital resources you need to survive.
  • Characters: Your survivors have their own personalities, traits, desires and skills. Personalize them however you want and make the members of your faction unique.
  • Vehicles: Find and repair vehicles – from bikes to pick-up trucks – to explore the wasteland.

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