Shooter sequel could soon be released for PlayStation and Xbox

It’s been over a year since Serious Sam 4 (from 16,99 at buy) for PC and Google Stadia. Now it looks like the shooter will be available on other platforms in the near future. On the website of the USK you can find a “Approval for ages 18+” for a previously unannounced PlayStation 5 version of Serious Sam 4. However, it is likely that the title will also appear for other systems such as PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

Even before the fourth part of the famous series was released, it was clear that Google had secured a deal that would initially keep the game away from all other “consoles”. Now this exclusivity seems to be coming to an end. In the Serious Sam 4 test at that time, we took a detailed look at the shooter successor. With a final rating of 60%, however, the title was only able to convince to a limited extent.

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