So you can get two free months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate thanks to Dicord Nitro

Xbox has announced a new collaboration with the popular communication app, Discord, which will give the members of Discord Nitro two free months Game Pass Ultimate. This promotion will only last for a limited time. . Together, this new collaboration between Xbox and Discord started this week and will last until next year, on April 26, 2022.

From now until then, Nitro members can access their inventory and redeem a free two-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate code. This promotion is available in Brazil and other countries. If you want to confirm if it is available in your country, you should check the official website if you meet the requirements.

While this offer looks great on its own, unfortunately there is a very significant downside. In particular, if you have signed an Xbox Game Pass in the past, you will not be able to take advantage of this offer. Instead, only those who are new to the Game Pass can earn two months for free. That said, this deal works both ways, as Xbox also offers Game Pass subscribers the ability to experience three months of Discord Nitro, if they haven’t already.

So if you’re someone who has never subscribed to either of these two services before, I hope you can find a way to rack up any of these free offers before they expire next year. To redeem the promotion and get the two months free Xbox Game Pass, you can follow the walkthrough on the Discord website.