Some fans clamor for Xbox to resume backwards compatibility program after controversial meme

The Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Original backwards compatibility program is one of the best things that has contributed to Microsoft’s current video game industry. But, very abruptly, the Americans stopped the program without a specific return date. Their statement stated that, before returning, they wanted to focus on backwards compatibility between the Xbox Series and Xbox One.

While it’s true that we saw wonderful things like FPS Boost, many Xbox 360 and Original games were lost. The fact is that some fans clamor for the official Xbox account after a response, in principle positive, to a meme shared by Astro Gaming. In this meme, the Xbox was praised for trying to preserve video game history, to which some fans responded angrily that there is still a lot of work to be done and that some games still have DRM in the backwards compatibility system.

If you want to know what is the meme in question, I’ll leave it here in this post:

To some extent some complaints are substantiated, but it is also honest to say that the Xbox effort is commendable in this regard.. Even more so if we look at its competition, which has literally done nothing to preserve not only the video game’s history, but its own.

The challenges that the backwards compatibility team faced were certainly complicated, the games must be modified and this development is done by Microsoft’s pocket, not to mention the impossibilities that some studios and publishers may put to it. Anyway, that doesn’t excuse us from want more backward compatible games.