Sonic Colors: Ultimate – Test, Skill, PlayStation 4


But that was about time: As a tester for, I have been beating the keys for almost two years – and only now is a Sonic game going online. Well, it’s “only” a remaster, but at least I’m a big hedgehog friend with Sonic Colors: Ultimate a test of the blue lightning. I mean, I can call myself a Sonic expert: Since the Dreamcast era, I’ve actually played all console platformer with Sonic, most of them bravely right up to the credits. Recap: Sonic Adventure (crazy), Sonic Adventure 2 (great), Sonic Heroes (well), Shadow the Hedgehog (uh), Sonic Rush (top), Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 (given away), Sonic Rivals (fast), Sonic and the Secret Rings (meh), Sonic Rivals 2 (boring), Sonic Rush Adventure (great), Sonic Unleashed (ambivalent), Sonic and the Black Knight (okay), Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (bad), Sonic Colors (fun ), Sonic Generations (strong), Sonic Lost World (ambitious), Sonic Mania (only okay), Sonic Forces (weak) and Sonic Boom (terrible).

The cutscenes in the Ultimate version can’t keep up with the rest of the game, they seem a bit fuzzy.

Yes, I spent a couple of hours with the Sega mascot – sometimes it was bad, but often it was also wonderful. And of course the multitude of games played somehow fits in with my Sonic showcase, which I can see from my home office when I stretch my neck. With a beautiful statue, the anniversary coin box, pins, magnets, figurines, cars, plush hats, sweatband, energy drink (!), Chocolate cake (!!) and toilet paper (!!!).

Before professionals notice that Dimps’ three-part Sonic Advance series for the GBA (2002-2004) was missing from this list, we quickly change the subject. So again Sonic Colors. What’s the matter? In terms of the story, the Sonic Team is once again reaching into the old clothes box, Dr. Eiermann out, lets him spin a few world conquest plans and beams the villain and Sonic, including Tails, into a colorful universe, where they meet the Wisp aliens. Eggman would like to use the energy of the little rascals for his own purposes, while Sonic tries to thwart these plans and save as many Wisps as possible.

Which Wisp should it be?

Still strong: In some 3D sections, imaginative backdrops roar past you, making it a pleasure to eat.

Still strong: In some 3D sections, imaginative backdrops only roar past you in such a way that it is a pleasure to eat.

From a playful point of view, the creatures appearing in several color versions definitely have an influence on Sonic: When Mr Needlemouse picks up a Wisp item, he can trigger a super ability once – depending on the Wisp color it can be a rocket that rises to the sky, a drill, that digs through soft earth, or a turquoise laser that fires Sonic through the level like a pinball at the speed of light. Other Wisps allow solid objects to pass through, let Sonic roll on the ceiling as an adhesive ball or turn blue blocks into rings, thus opening up new paths. Of course, fresh colors are added again and again in the course of the game and of course the complexity of the possible uses increases. If you want to collect many of the red emblems as a player (there are five in each stage), it makes sense to unlock all Wisps during the first run, and then to bag the previously unreachable emblems when you complete the levels again with the special skills. This not only pleases collectors, but also unlocks a duel against Metal Sonic for each world in the Ultimate version. In order to be allowed to do this so-called “Rival Rush”, at least 15 out of 30 emblems in a world have to be fetched.