Sonic games for Xbox 360 have been ‘transformed’ into Xbox Series X|S thanks to FPS Boost

It’s always good to share these wonderful surprises that appear for Xbox console owners. As we reported earlier this week, around 37 games had FPS Boost applied as part of the latest batch of backwards compatibility fun announced during the Xbox brand’s 20th anniversary streaming event.

Among the titles that saw a great performance boost were a number of games Sonic the Hedgehog, namely Sonic Generations, Sonic Unleashed and Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed, and fans have accessed social media for exclaim your joy at the noticeable improvements.

As seen above, it looks like much of the Sonic saga is better than ever as the improvements have impacted player feedback, with titles looking and playing better than ever with Auto HDR e FPS Boost. Sonic Generations, for example, now runs at 4k60fps and we know what speed it is with the Hedgehog.

What a time to be alive for Sonic fans! Have you tried it or are you willing to try it? Leave your opinion about it.