Sony acquires Bungie: Jim Ryan comments on the purchase and says look beyond consoles

Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Bungie by his company and chose to comment on the deal on the PlayStation Blog, through a long letter that clarifies several really interesting points, including looking at beyond the consoles.

The first point made clear concerns what interests Bungie’s Sony in particular, namely its ability to develop and manage GaaS (Game as a Service): “Bungie created two of the most iconic franchises in the video game world, Halo e Destiny, and has a strong ability to provide the community with incredibly immersive large-scale experiences through games that evolve and evolve over time. “

Basically Ryan confirmed that the acquisition of Bungie aims precisely to bring strong services since the Playstation has no strength in this niche of games. But in a later passage, the speech becomes even more illuminating, when Ryan talks about Sony’s ambition to take the PlayStation platform beyond consoles: consoles and increase our potential audience.

Ryan reiterated that Bungie “will remain independent and multiplatform, will have creative freedom, and their successes in developing and launching highly successful franchises in the sci-fi shooter genre will be complementary to Sony’s intellectual property portfolio.” .

As if it hadn’t been understood by now, Ryan went on to specify that Bungie will develop and help develop various live services for and with PlayStation Studios and that it could also curate games from other PlayStation IPs as it is now part of the family.