Sony Apparently Will Stop Prepaid Card Sales In The UK; is this the first step towards the new PS Plus?

According to recent reports (including at Venturebeat), Sony officials have informed their partners in the UK that they will stop selling direct prepaid cards for PlayStation Now on January 21, 2022. Previously, players could use it to extend their subscription for a certain period of time. In a statement, Sony stated that they would now like to focus on the classic prepaid cards with which the subscription to PlayStation Now can be purchased in the store.

However, the players have a different theory. Recently rumors made the rounds that a new model of PlayStation Plus is being worked on, which will in future include PlayStation Now. Almost a month ago we reported about the supposed plans for the brand new PlayStation Plus. Accordingly, the service is to merge with PlayStation Now and be offered in several price levels. The first category concerns the currently known advantages of PS Plus. The second price tier apparently includes a large library of games for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Subscribers to the last and at the same time most expensive category will have access to a catalog full of classics for PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP as well as to the functions of PlayStation Now.