Sony creates new brand “PlayStation PC” and leaves “Only Playstation” in the background

God of War, 2018

Sony apparently wants to push the expansion of its target group on the PC and has therefore made a small change that should underline this project for the future. The company was known for its “Only Playstation”, just to celebrate its exclusives, but with a big change so that it is more concerned with gaining cross-platform prominence.

And is that this week the company showed its strong interest in this new field, renaming after the last State of Play held this week the publisher where their games were being published on Steam, changed the branding “PlayStation Mobile” to the clearly more concise “ PlayStation PC”. A name that, as indicated by the Corporation Wiki list, would have been registered during the past month of April, and which, although it is no more than a small formality, indicates without a doubt the strong commitment that Sony intends to increase its production of games on this platform.

In his most recent comments, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony, said the opportunity to take the IPlayStation ps for a wider audience, as well as a simpler portability process, meant that making more PC games is “a pretty simple decision” for the company.

In fact, we’ve already seen before how the Japanese referred to a strategy focused on “grow, innovate and evolve the PlayStation platform”, talking about the PlayStation as a platform and ecosystem, which implies that it doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to certain hardware like the consoles were so far.

And is that while no doubt its PS Now service still has enough detail to be polished against the competition, no doubt cloud gaming and streaming to other platforms is, like the PC expansion, one of the new flanks we could see expand to Sony.

It wasn’t until August of last year that Sony released Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC, followed by Days Gone in May of this year. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and God of War were also announced for PC and will be released in 2022. There are also indications of a PC release of Sackboy: A Big Adventure.