Sony is scaling back the production of the next-gen console

If you haven’t had any luck buying the PS5 so far, your chances shouldn’t really improve in the near future. As can be seen from a recent report by colleagues from Bloomberg, Sony Interactive Entertainment is forced to reduce production of the NextGen console for the time being.

This is still due to the shortage of important components, from which the entire technology industry is suffering and which also prompted Valve to postpone the release of their Steam Deck by a few months (we reported). Chips and semiconductors in particular are currently very difficult to obtain and in limited numbers. The prices and waiting times are correspondingly high. The general situation in global transport also has a negative impact on production. In addition, there are uncertainties in the provision of vaccines against the corona virus, which also slows down the manufacturing process.

All of these reasons ultimately led Sony to lower production forecasts from 16 to 15 million copies of the PS5 in the current fiscal year. For the next fiscal year, however, the company is sticking to its previous goal of almost 23 million consoles produced. However, the effects of the current supply problems are likely to be felt well into 2022 – if not a little longer.