Sony President dreams of a world where exclusives aren’t trapped in consoles

Jim Ryan, the president of Sony, made some interesting statements about the future of the PlayStation and PS5 business in an interview with Games Industry, saying he dreams of a world where exclusives don’t get stuck to consoles, but can be enjoyed by millions of people freely, wherever they want, like movies or music.

Jim Ryan: “I dream of a world where PlayStation games can be played by millions of people, maybe even hundreds of millions of people. Now, with the current console model, a PlayStation blockbuster can reach between 10 and 20 million users. If you make a comparison, music and cinema can be enjoyed by a potentially unlimited audience. I believe that much of the art made by our studios is among the best in entertainment in the world and narrowing down users is really frustrating.. I would like a world where hundreds of millions of people can experience our games. “

That’s right, you didn’t read it wrong! If you think just a little bit why Sony really wants to follow the Xbox model, not just launching games for the PC, but investing in studio purchases and bringing their games to many more players. In the case of Xbox, the strategy is to use Cloud Gaming, Sony may want to do this like PS Now.

Basically, Ryan seems to be thinking about expanding the PlayStation ecosystem beyond the confines of his consoles like the PS5. In fact, seems to be looking at the xbox model, which is already following this path with the Xbox Game Pass and the spread of its services on platforms that were previously unthinkable, such as mobile. On the other hand, Sony has already shown that it wants to go in that direction by bringing some of its games to the PC.