Sony warns of spoilers, leak with further pictures from the PS4 version surfaced

Apparently there is an unfinished version of Horizon Forbidden West (from 69,98€ at pre-order) that a group of gamers got up and running on a hacked PlayStation 4. Even if things are still missing in some places, it should essentially be the content of the final version. The first pictures from the game have already been published on Twitter. However, the tweets are repeatedly deleted – presumably because publisher Sony wants to defend itself against the leaks.

The revealed screenshots from Horizon Forbidden West were still harmless and showed a snapshot from the game. But that could change in the coming days. Fans should therefore beware of spoilers that could end up on the Internet before the release. The new adventure with Aloy for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 will not appear in stores until February 18, 2022. Sony struggled with similar leaks before the launch of The Last of Us Part 2. It is still unclear how the creators of the screenshots got this version of Horizon Forbidden West. Last updated video: Tribes of the Forbidden West