Speed ​​Brawl and Tharsis are currently free

After Nioh: The Complete Edition and Sheltered, the two games Speed ​​Brawl (otherwise 16.79 euros) and Tharsis (otherwise 11.99 euros) will be distributed free of charge in the Epic Games Store. The free games campaign runs until September 23, 2021. You can find the store page here.

“Speed ​​Brawl is a fast-paced 2D game that combines hard fights with platformer elements! Always keep moving, line up combos and unleash powerful attacks. Develop your own fighting style and assemble the best thugs ever. And then play everything again, just faster. Faster. EVEN FASTER! “

“Tharsis is a turn-based strategy game in space. With dice. And cannibalism. You are piloting the first manned mission to Mars when it is hit by a storm of micrometeorites.”