Square Enix reportedly changed the rules of Marvel’s Avengers to raise more funds thanks to success on Xbox Game Pass

It’s no secret that Square Enix was heavily criticized in Marvel’s Avengers with some policies that didn’t appeal to many as a Playstation exclusive character, even though the game had the same value as on Xbox and Playstation. Also, the game’s model seems to have not pleased the audience. What we do know is that Marvel’s Avengers made a loss for the company, as it had not paid the development costs until then.

A bitter failure and giants that, oddly enough, was saved by Xbox Game Pass. It turns out that, as one of September’s surprise games, Microsoft added this title to the service and it became highly popular, even entering the top 10. It’s logical that this boosts the game as many started to buy content inside…. and then the controversy starts.

As Jez Corden of Windows Central points out, they andare adding pay-to-win content, when they promised that spending money would be cosmetic only. In other words, you paying may have advantages in the game to players who don’t pay. The rules have now been changed with the success of the game on Xbox Game Pass.

Square Enix nerfed the EXP gain of Marvel’s Avengers heroes, claiming that players felt “overwhelmed” by the leveling pace.

They added free XP boosts like DLC later…

Now that the game is exploding in Game Pass, they added raises from pay2win XP, after saying that all MTX would be cosmetic…

Square Enix is ​​really shameless.

On Reddit the reaction of the players was felt. Many are critical of this, especially as the team has repeatedly stated that this would not happen. In 2019, the community manager said the game would not include random cashboxes and pay-to-win scenarios. The studio manager then stated that “in terms of monetization, there will only be aesthetic elements. There will be no gameplay related payments”. Also in 2020, in a blog post, the team affirmed its commitment to keeping microtransactions only for aesthetic content.

What do you think of this? Is she really taking advantage or is this attitude part of the gaming world? Leave your opinion in the comments below.