STALKER 1989 is a free demake of the Stalker series that you can play right now

STALKER 1989 is an independent demake from the STALKER series of GSC Game World. It’s completely free and you can play it in a browser, including the Xbox One’s own Microsoft Edge and Xbox Series X|S. As you can easily guess, it’s quite short, but at the same time very pleasant, mainly because it captures the spirit of some titles of the period in an excellent way.

The official description of the game leaves little doubt as to what the project’s objective is: ” What if the STALKER game had been released in 1989? “It would probably have been a run’n’gun like this demake.”

Below, check out a video:

The control system is very simple: with the arrow keys or the WASD keys you move, with X or J you shoot and with Z or K you jump. The pace of the game is quite slow, because the developer wanted to focus more on accuracy than frenzy. In total, you have three lives to try to finish the long level that STALKER 1989 is made of. Fortunately, there are checkpoints to help.

It’s certainly a great way to shorten the wait for the release of STALKER 2 which will be released on Xbox Game Pass in April 2022. If you want to play Stalker 1989 for free use this link.