Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic Remake é anunciado no Showcase do Playstation 5

This afternoon we finally saw the event dedicated to Sony’s PS5 and PS4, which many had high expectations. The opening of the event, or more or less that, was an Obsidian game from Xbox Game Studios, but which is now in new hands. But let’s get down to business; PlayStation Showcase debuted with the Star Wars Remake: Knights of the Old Republic by Lucasfilm and Aspyr.

The trailer shows us a Sith and tells us that the game will arrive on PS5. So it’s just a new generation game. It is currently unclear whether this is a PlayStation exclusive game. Unfortunately, the trailer shows us virtually nothing of the game, but the announcement is a confirmation that many have been waiting for a long time and that we are sure will make Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic fans happy.

Tell us, what do you think of Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic Remake?