Starfield: a new image leaks on the internet, still from the preliminary version

Starfield was finally presented by an actual trailer, but beyond that, virtually nothing of the actual game was seen, while on the internet some preliminary version material continues to leak, such as this new image proposal in the last hours.

To report on the material in question is still SKULLZI, a Twitter user who has specialized in recent months as a leaker specifically dedicated to Bethesda affairs and who in the past has already leaked several materials on Starfield, all referring, however, to a very old build of the game.

Also in this case, similarly to the previously stolen images, it is a version of the game that dates back to 2018, therefore probably in the early stages of development, as the title will only arrive in full version at the end of 2022.

It’s not much and obviously there’s no confirmation that this is actually something Starfield original, but the image is somewhat in line with the style that has emerged so far in relation to Bethesda’s new space simulation. It’s a spacesuit, which seems to fit the style defined as “NASApunk” by Todd Howard and the developers who worked on the game.

In fact, it is a science fiction that has elements of proximity to the technological materials actually used by astronauts, although they distance themselves from them for the most advanced and imaginative aspects. Once again we recognize this strange mix of fantastical and realistic elements, with a very “experienced” style for the fact in question.