Starfield: A new image shows mysterious caves to explore

Starfield shows himself again with a taste, in this case an image that does not represent the game itself, but something about your atmosphere: is actually an official artwork centered on a mysterious cave to be explored.

What wonders will you discover in remote caves?” asks the tweet that accompanies the image in question, published by the official Starfield account in the last few hours. And therefore, an invitation to discover, putting the focus on exploration that will form the basis of the gaming experience in the new Bethesda title.

Unfortunately, this material is still very vague, being a simple illustration, but it can help us get into the right atmosphere and demonstrate how, in addition to the wide interstellar spaces and planet surfaces, it will also be possible to explore darker and narrower places on planets. Remotes can be visited.

A spirit of discovery and exploration seems to underlie the entire Starfield experience, which presents itself as a science fiction adventure partly rooted in science reality and partly inspired by genre classics understood in the most imaginative sense.

On the other hand, it appears that Bethesda has no intention of showing anything actually taken from the game by the appointed time, which will likely occur around the E3 the 2022.