Starfield: Developers present three locations

xKepler-186f (f * ck marquard) wrote:?Today 12:44 pm

It looks interesting. The concept images also look great and stimulate the imagination. But let’s see what the game actually looks like. Bethesdas got hold of the toilet with Fallout 76. And TES6 should come at some point. Hopefully they don’t take it easy. Although I do believe that the main work over the past few years has been on Starfield and TES6. F76 is not comparable to the main series and is more of an offshoot.
In any case, it’s not good for PS. Hopefully they just make it time exclusive. Of course, this won’t be communicated in advance, but maybe a year after the release it will be: “Folks, we changed our minds. It comes for PS after all.”

Other big developers have been reaching into the toilet in the last few years, for example Blizzard with Warcraft 3 Reforged, I really don’t know anymore why Fallout 76 is being hacked over and over again.
Starfield is supposed to be a new IP at Bethesda and even if you can assume bugs and glitches at Bethesda, the game has already undergone a huge development and the potential to become something big.
It was almost clear that it would only come for the Windows platforms, see Microsoft. You want to keep a fresh IP to yourself for a while.
On the subject of graphics, I still have to say that in the trailer video it looks like a heavily opened Fallout 4 graphic, you can tell somewhere that it still has the creation engine at its core. Provided, of course, that not everything in the trailer has been pimped up. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the same animations as from the TES / Fallout series can be found in Starfield later. I just say dragon / scorchbeast …