Starfield: Leaked images show walls of a space station

Starfield seems to show itself once again in images leaked onto the internet somehow, also in this case linked to an old 2018 build and therefore not matching the current state of the game, in line with what happened previously.

More than real screenshots, they seem to be simple assets to be used to create some elements of the scenario, as we also saw in the cases prior to the presentation of E3 2021, also in this case published on Reddit at this address, therefore, a source is not exactly reliable.

They seem, therefore, preparatory images, related to the construction of the game and clearly quite dated, also judging by the fact that they are simply “pieces” of scenery, and actually are the walls of space stations.

In any case, if they were true, they could still help to give an idea of ​​the style used by Bethesda to create this new space RPG: as reported by the developers themselves, Starfield follows a style called “NasaPunk”, as it is based on some realistic elements of science in terms of space technologies, but interprets them purely science fiction.

This way we can wait a certain realism in the representation of technological elements, such as the curious dome depicted in these images, but also digressions more clearly belonging to classical science fiction, as we might expect from various other elements of the represented worlds.

From an official standpoint, we’ve recently seen a new artwork that shows mysterious caves to explore and now there’s also an active page on Steam. For the rest, we remind you that the launch is scheduled for November 11, 2022.