Starfield: new images from space RPG Bethesda leaked on the internet

Starfield finally showed up with a trailer for the first appearance at E3, but beyond that video and some concept art we didn’t see much of the actual game, so we tried to steal information even from leaks whose reliability must be confirmed, as these new footage leaked onto the internet and considered authentic by some leakers.

Even in this case, these are preparatory features, so they aren’t screenshots or definitive gameplay elements, but they can still tell us something about the style and level of detail Bethesda is seeking for its new and long-awaited space RPG.

We see in particular the space suits, which confirm the style also seen in several previous images, although they also demonstrate a considerable possibility of differentiation in these elements, which are likely to be editable and customizable by the players.

Todd Howard and Bethesda spoke of Starfield’s graphic and technological style as a kind of “NASApunk”, which is a style that takes realistic elements, like the technologies actually used by NASA, and builds imaginative elements on them, trying to predict any future developments. in space technology.

These costumes also confirm this particular view of science fiction, as they are certainly fanciful objects, but still with a possible relevance to reality. Trying to interpret, we might think that some of the costumes shown have jetpacks mounted on the back, which would pave the way for expanded movement possibilities, while the style of some might suggest the presence of possible factions like space pirates, bounty hunters or something like that, but it’s just guesswork.

Between the images, what appears to be a plant is also visible, that is, a project for a “Mast Explorer Helmet”, which can be an element to be conquered or built through crafts. For the rest, we recently found out that Starfield has more dialogue than Skyrim and Fallout 4, while previously we saw three videos about Akila, Neon and New Atlantis sets. Keep in mind that the game is slated for November 22, 2022 on Xbox Series X|S and PC.