Starfield presents the main track from its soundtrack

Just under a year to launch the long-awaited Starfield, the new Bethesda production that will be exclusive to Xbox and PC consoles, and that is slowly starting to be shown through conceptual material or some short videos that talk about us about their world.

I hope we can see the game in all its glory during E3 2022, or at best during this year’s Game Awards, but for those who don’t want to speculate and already need something to get in the way, I’m bringing you something that certainly will give you the creeps.

And is that today Starfield’s official Twitter account shared the main track of your soundtrack, played by the prestigious London Symphony Orchestra. Let me just say that as I write these lines, I find myself listening to the music through my Spotify account, and without a doubt, it’s simply Excellent.

Dominated by winds and with some very beautiful string arrangements, Starfield Suite manages not only to demonstrate an inspiration, for me, clear in the work of John Williams in Star Wars, but it also adds an epic touch that is just amazing.

If you want to listen to this genius on your own, you can enter Spotify and iTunes by following their respective links.