Stargate: Timekeepers: Game scenes of the license tactic shown

After the announcement of Stargate: Timekeepers in May of this year, it became quiet about the tactical title developed by CreativeForge Games. But now the game, which takes place in the Stargate SG-1 universe of the television series from the 90s, is back with a video game scene and new information that publisher Slitherine Games published at the Twitch event “Home of Wargamers” .

As Commander Eva McCain, players will support a unit in the fight against Anubis in a real-time tactics game similar to the Mimimi titles Desperados 3 or Shadow Tactics. There will be a campaign of 14 missions in which McCain commands a team of human and alien specialists, each with different skills. This enables different approaches in the course of the game.

Well-known elements from the series should appear. For example, players must help the Jaffa resistance in the campaign, lead an attack against Moloc or form an alliance with the Unas. According to Slitherine, a time loop mechanism will also play a role – you can use it to try to correct strategic errors, among other things. Stargate: Timekeepers will feature different endings, with the choices made by the player that will determine the outcome of the story. The following trailer shows how you can imagine this in action.

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