Stealth classics are currently available for free in the Ubisoft store

Do you remember the stealth action game Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (from 2,50 at buy), which came onto the market 16 years ago for the PC, GameCube, PS2 and Xbox? If not, you can do it now – especially cheaply:. Ubisoft is giving the game away for a short time.

In connection with the big Black Friday sale that is currently taking place in the Ubisoft Store, you can download the PC version of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory for free. This is the complete full version without any content restrictions. This special gift is available to you as a free download until November 25, 2021.

A look back: The story of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory takes place in 2008 and thus shortly after the events of the predecessor Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. The agent Sam Fisher is assigned to look for the kidnapped computer scientist Bruce Morgenholt, who is in the clutches of a terrorist group. As usual for the series, you can expect a mixture of stealth gameplay and action, with the main focus on tactical approaches and the skillful use of technology gadgets.