Streamer ‘DrDisRespect’ accuses the developers of lying

The well-known streamer Herschel “DrDisRespect” Beahm IV is not only known for the fact that he especially likes to play first-person shooters. A very open and sometimes very quick temper has already earned him a certain reputation. If he speaks out during a live stream, it will be heard. Even now, when he called the developers of the multiplayer shooter Call of Duty Warzone a liar.

He said it during a recently hosted livestream where he wanted to take a closer look at the new “Caldera” map. During the games he was repeatedly the victim of an opponent who used the controversially discussed field upgrade “Dead Silence” and was thus able to sneak up on him unnoticed. The developers actually wanted to weaken this upgrade, which, according to “DrDisRespect”, probably didn’t really work.

Accordingly, he reacted angrily: “How many more times should we say we don’t want it? Two years later it’s still in the game. It’s still there! Whatever the reason, I have no idea. It’s still there, and so are you.” decided to leave it at that. (…) You can’t hear anyone behind you because they are using ‘Dead Silence’. They lied to us! They lied to their players. This is fake PR … I’m short before uninstalling it. ”

So far, the responsible developers at Infinitey Ward or Raven Software have not responded to these allegations – if they will do so at all.

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